Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Masonry Contractor

Are you planning on starting a masonry project on your property? If so, then you probably want to ensure that you are hiring just the right and trustworthy. Anything doubtful about a contractor should not be tolerated; it needs to be addressed quickly. You do not want your masonry projects to be imperfect, or worse, to be posing repairs on the future, demanding for more costs. The masonry repair Scottsdale, Arizona will provide you exactly what you need.

The following are the questions you need to ask in order to find the best contractor that you need.

1.Do you have any certifications?

Certifications are the very proof that the contractor you hire is legitimate and trustworthy. There are a lot of credentials that a company can provide, but one of the most famous credentials they can provide is the current WSIB clearance certificate where covers that liability when, in case, some employees experience an accident. Also, certifications will provide enough evidence that ht contracts are also skilled in the specialization they are in.

2.Do you have any insurance?

Insurance is crucial when it comes to hiring a contractor. You don’t want to see yourself be held responsible when accidents happen. Insurance is what a company or the employer provides to its employees that will carry all the medical expenses as well as repair and damage costs when some unexpected accidents happen.

3.Do you specialize in a specific kind of masonry?

While it is good to assume that your contractor is best at everything, it is also safe to ask what particular specialization the contractor does. Does he specialize in specific materials? Do they use specific tools and equipment? Does he have experience in specific masonry? Ask. You won’t like seeing a masonry project that is not created well.

4.How long will the project last?

Asking this question is important as this will give you a hint of the probable costs and the preparations you need to take in order to finish the project. Some masonry projects may need a little amount of time for clearing our furniture and others while others may take days. Be sure that you tell your contractors the things they would need from you before they do the project. This is the best way to avoid being surprised by their sudden demands of materials, tools, and others.

5.Can you provide some references?

References are previous customers the contractors have served. A well-established contractor will be confident in giving you references because they are confident about the kind of work they are providing. Also, they are able to provide sample of their previous work and would even brag about it to their new customers. A scam company would often avoid being asked for references because they think that it would only just disappoint the new customers asking for their services.


When you want t have the best masonry project, you also need to take into consideration the kind of company you will be hiring. Make sure that you also ask the right questions to land on a reputable company.

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